Different Kinds of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots games are gaining a reputation for the best kinds of slots games available online. With jackpots that regularly extend into the millions of dollars, these pots may be hard to win, but they're almost always worth the effort. With different kinds of progressive jackpot slots games available, players can even decide the level of risk and reward they're willing to invest in.

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Single Game, Multi Player Jackpots

Most progressive jackpots are available as special features in a single game. Players have the opportunity to place side bets on their favorite slots games. Each time they place these side bets, they are entered into a chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. Over time every side bet from every player of that slot game will go into the pot until some lucky player hits the exact right combination of symbols to win. Then the pot resets itself and begins to grow anew.

Cross Casino Jackpots

Some online casinos go a step further and offer progressive jackpots that bridge several different games and even different casinos. All of the side bets from all of the participating games and casinos go into a single gigantic pot. The conditions to win such pots are often incredibly rare, but eventually one lucky player will receive potential millions. The conditions of the wins may even differ from game to game, so players should investigate all of the potential slots games available.

Players should keep in mind that it is impossible to win a progressive jackpot slots game unless they make the side bets. They have to contribute to the pot before they can qualify to win it.