Making the Any Craps Bet in Online Craps

While most players in land based casinos play simple pass line bets or field bets, when playing online craps, players are able to explore a whole world of bets they didn't even know existed. The Any Craps bet is one of those bets that online players are embracing as a quick and easy way to earn money or balance out other losses.

The Any Craps Bet

The Any Craps bet is one of many craps bets known as one-roll bets. They are placed singularly and do not continue past a single throw of the dice. This particular one-roll bet wins only if craps comes up, meaning the shooter rolls a total dice value of 2, 3, or a 12. Craps is when the pass line bet is defeated, so most players dislike when this happens. However, by placing the Any Craps bet, players can turn an otherwise bad luck roll into a win.

When to Use It

The Any Craps bet can be a great way for players to hedge their bets and balance out a Pass Line bet. If the player loses the Pass Line bet with anything but a 7, he or she can still make some money. Other players may choose to use the Any Craps bet indiscriminately to earn a bit of extra money. The bet pays out at 7:1, so players can win a healthy chunk of change by making this rare bet.

Players who like to experiment with their bets or balance out their odds will certainly enjoy using the Any Craps bet to win some extra money. Players should be careful though to only use the bet when they're sure they won't incur the wrath of other players by making such an "unlucky" bet.